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Our review and opinion about Goldenpark

In this article you will learn all about Goldenpark, its options to play and bet, payment methods, how to contact them and also you will see what is offered in each category and in its mobile application.

Read the article and our review and assessment of this operator.

Welcome bonus € 100 for bets
€ 300 for casino
4 of 5
Markets 4.5 of 5
Odds 4 of 5
Mobile app 4.5 of 5
Payment methods 5 of 5
Customer service 5 of 5
Live betting 4.5 of 5
Total score 4.5 of 5

– Goldenpark welcome bonuses
– Markets and bets available
– Goldenpark mobile application
– Payment methods accepted
– Customer service
– Our verdict on Goldenpark

Goldenpark welcome bonuses
Welcome bonus on bets: € 100
The bookmaker has a promotion with which it is feasible to double the first deposit you make within the operator’s page when completing the registration process.
Enter Goldenpark and complete the form with your data and the promotional code GOLDMAX, then make the first deposit with which you will get an additional 100% of the amount up to € 100 to spend on your sports bets.

Welcome bonus in casino: € 300
In the same way that happens with sports betting, the casino also provides the opportunity to get additional bonuses to start playing with an extra advantage.
For this category, Goldenpark offers two bonuses: a first welcome bonus corresponding to the first deposit made for a total of 100% of the amount up to € 150; and a second bonus also of 100% that is achieved with the second income you make, for an amount of up to € 150.

To get these bonuses, simply complete with the registration process, enter the GOLDMAX promotional code, deposit and start playing at the casino.

Markets and bets available
The main features of Goldenpark are sports betting, live roulette, casino and slots. In each of these categories you can find multiple options with which you can dive into the world of betting houses and start investing your money and win with this operator.

In the case of sports, the disciplines available are: soccer, tennis, basketball, horses, cycling, baseball, handball, ice hockey, motors, golf, rugby, volleyball, football and others. When you enter the category you decide to choose, a list of matches that correspond to that discipline is displayed, in which you can see the options to bet. In each one, you can bet according to the result, winner and other actions that may occur in the game.

If you enter the live roulette, you will have two spaces to play: one, the live roulette and another roulette that Goldenpark has named VIP. Also, in casino games you will have available blackjack, more roulette games and the famous slot machines.

Fees offered
The operator’s fees vary according to the sports discipline and the match in which you are betting. If, for example, we enter the football category, we will find the various matches of the European leagues where the odds vary between 1.50 the lowest to 6.00 the highest.
This means that by betting an approximate € 10 to Porto as the winner against Juventus, we will get a profit of € 50, since the quota for that winner is 5.00.
If we choose tennis, the fees do not exceed approximately 4.00, as well as in basketball fees can reach up to 15.00 depending on the result you bet.

Goldenpark Mobile Application
The Goldenpark mobile application leaves you with the possibility of obtaining almost the same features as your mobile or desktop version, but already installed on your device. That means that you can have access to sports, casino and slots from your smartphone or tablet, without the need to access the page itself.

This app is available for users with Android and Apple operating systems, leaving the Windows Phone aside at first. Your download for iPod Touch, iPads and iPhone is simple as you can find this mobile application in the AppStore store. However, Android devices must follow the steps they will find on the website to obtain a download link through which they will install this app.

The experience within the Goldenpark mobile application is pleasant, its graphs are simple but allow you to easily find the options you want to select. In the same way, you can follow your bets live which gives a quite interesting bonus to this functionality.

Payment methods accepted
Among the methods of income and withdrawals of Goldenpark, you have the Paypal, with a minimum amount of € 10, you can transfer money to your account and from it and become effective within the next 24 hours.
The operator also has these transactions with Visa or MasterCard cards. In the case of Visa, the initial amount must be equal to or greater than € 10, and in the case of withdrawals, the estimated time is 3 to 5 business days. For its part, MasterCard does not admit withdrawals, but the income must be € 10 or more. For withdrawals you can use the bank transfers from € 60.
The Skrill and Neteller methods work in the same way, accepting minimum income of € 10 and withdrawals that take effect immediately.
Payments are also accepted with Paysafecard, but in this case the withdrawal must be more than € 60.

Customer service
Among the contact methods to solve any problem with the Goldenpark website or its mobile application, the operator has two:
A chat that you access from a pink bar at the end of the web page that indicates “initiate Chat”.
Free call service to contact the support team at 800 300 085

Our verdict on Goldenpark
Goldenpark is an excellent choice for sports betting, has a wide range of disciplines in which you can choose almost any sport to bet. This, in addition, is accompanied by high fees with respect to other bookmakers.
Although its website, mobile version and application for tablets and phones are easy to navigate, elegant and simple, the app, in addition to not having the same functions, is not available for Windows Phone users.
The customer service does not offer several means of service, but limited to two only.

Here we have the pros and cons we have achieved after using this operator:
The fees of this operator are high, compared to other bookmakers.
The sports offer is robust, which allows you to choose any discipline in which you want to bet.
Both the page and the mobile version and the app are easy to use, the navigability is simple and the appearance is modern and elegant.
The mobile application is not available for all the operating systems
Goldenpark customer service is limited, being lower than other operators in the market.