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Meet the Wanabet mobile application for betting and casino

What better way to play and bet anywhere and whenever with a mobile application on all your devices. Wanabet has an app available for its users that allows them to access all sports bets and play in the casino.

The analysis on this application:
System requirements: 4 of 5
Bonuses and promotions: 4.5 of 5
Actions and functionalities: 4 of 5
General opinions: 4.5 of 5

– How to download the Wanabet mobile application?
– Enjoy the available promotions
– What to do in the Wanabet mobile application?
– Frequent questions
– Contact Wanabet Service
– Opinions about the mobile application

How to download the Wanabet mobile application?
All smartphones and devices with Android and iOS operating system can download this application and enjoy its benefits by following the steps below:

Users with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:
– Register with this operator by choosing your username and password.
– Download from the App Store the application of the operator. You also have it available from the website in the mobile application section.
– Open the application at the end of the download and start playing and betting.

Users with Andoid operating system:
– Complete the registration on the operator’s website and select your username and password.
– Look in the menu located in the bottom of the web for the Available button in Android.
– Follow the steps and install the file with the app inside your mobile device or tablet.
– Run it from the Downloads storage and start betting and playing.

Compatibility of the mobile app
It is essential that to download the Wanabet mobile application on any of your devices, bear in mind that in the case of the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, it is necessary to have a version of the iOS operating system equal to or greater than 7.1.
Similarly, Android phones or tablets can also enjoy this app if the download is executed from the website of the bookmaker, accompanied by a brief guide to help you get the application without problems.

Enjoy the available promotions
The new players of this betting house will receive additional gifts in the form of welcome bonuses, so that this benefit can be enjoyed in all the functionalities of the website and the mobile application where they have been assigned.

Up to € 150 in sports betting
With the use of the promotional code WANAMAX you will get an additional 120% on your first entry as a new player in the betting house.
Deposit the minimum amount of € 10 and you can get up to € 150 to use in all sports bets available on the page or in the mobile application.

Up to € 600 in casino
The WANAMAX promotional code also allows you to access the welcome bonus at the Casino if you are a new player and complete your registration on the operator’s website.
With a first deposit of € 10 or more, you receive an additional 100% that doubles your amount up to € 600, credited to your account so you can start using them in the Casino for 60 successive days.

Up to € 600 in slots
It is also possible that you duplicate 100% of your first deposit as a new user registered in Wanabet, with the use of the promotional code WANAMAX.
Register in the operator’s page and make your deposit to access this welcome bonus in slots, where you can play with up to € 600 in any of the options offered by this section of the operator.

Fan Bonus in Wanabet
By making a minimum of 4 bets and 8 additional moves, activate your Fan Bonus that you will receive as a gift to be used in Wanabet sports bets as payment of any promotion you have won within the operator’s page.

Win € 100 with Twitter
Every two weeks you can earn € 100 by commenting on the official Twitter account of Wanabet with the hashtag #AppWanabet, which is the improvement you would implement in your mobile application.
By participating and being chosen as the most valuable comment, the bookmaker rewards your proposal with € 100 bonus that you can use for the sports of your choice.
Secure Tab
If you have lost € 10 or more than € 1000, you can recover your loss thanks to this offer. Receive in your account up to 20% of the accumulated losses during the week so that you continue playing in the

Operator’s Casino with an additional push.
Learn about the available promotions and all the details of Wanabet, by reading this article and enjoy the promotional code.

What to do in the Wanabet mobile application?
– Bet live and in any scenario prior to sports matches that are contemplated by the operator
– Access each discipline and sporting event in the side menu where you will find them by categories, as well as in the main menu of the app
– View the betting offer and statistics of each game
– Attain the final result and winner of each match, as well as the actions and circumstances that will occur throughout the match.
– Enjoy all sports: soccer, football, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, ice hockey, formula 1, motorcycles, baseball, golf, billiards, bandy, cycling, cyclocross, cricket, boxing, darts, Winter sports and more.

Frequent questions
How to make a bet in the Wanabet app?
– Sign up with your data and log in with your login username and password
– Select from the main menu or the side menu the desired sport category and the match where you want to make your entry
– Enter the available game and start selecting all the options that are displayed to place your bets within the mobile application.
– You will be able to visualize the odds received when winning in that bet and the remaining balance of your account

How to make a deposit to my Wanabet account?
When entering the website of the operator with your username and password, select the option Income, where you can click on the payment method you choose as well as the desired amount to deposit in your Wanabet account.
As means of payment that are valid for this operation, you can choose between PayPal and Paysafecard e-wallets, bank transfers and Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

How to make a withdrawal from my account?
Select the option “Withdraw Balance” to which you will access when you log in to your account, after choosing the amount you wish to withdraw equivalent to at least € 10, you can click on the estimated payment method.
Among the methods available are bank transfers and PayPal.

Contact Wanabet Service
Solve your questions by communicating to the following means that the operator puts at your disposal:
Free service through the telephone service 900 777 677
Email with the address [email protected]
LiveChat available from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from the operator’s page from Monday to Sunday.

Opinions about the mobile application
One of the benefits with which Wanabet satisfies its players is the mobile application that has access to use it in sports betting.
It is not only possible to see the bets made and those prior to the sports matches but to follow minute by minute your bets in live matches.

Here are the pros and cons of using this mobile app:
– The disciplines included in the mobile application allow you to have a varied offer where you can find your favorite sport.
– Wanabet has welcome bonuses in bets, which guarantees you to play with additional money from the app.
– The operator is reliable and safe because of its extensive experience in the market.

– The functionality of the page is omitted in the mobile application and only Wanabet sports bets are available.
– Windows devices and tablets can not download the application because they do not have a compatible system.
– The process of withdrawals within the page and the app is complex, requiring a series of steps that make it unfriendly.

The process of withdrawals within the page and the app is complex, requiring a series of steps that make it unfriendly.
The Wanabet mobile app is an excellent way to take sports bets everywhere, allowing users to follow every game and sport they prefer. In addition, the available categories cover almost all disciplines and with the bonus of having a bonus that accompanies them.
Although Windows compatibility is strange and the addition of Casino and Slots options, its reputation in the market will undoubtedly make you choose this application as your best betting option.