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How to make income and withdrawals in Wanabet?

One of the most sought, after attributes when choosing the bookmaker where you will invest your money, is the variety and the quality of the payment methods with which the different transactions within the operator will be made.
Wanabet offers to the online players online payment methods with which can be made these transactions Paypal, Paysafecard and also the methods already used mostly like Visa and MasterCard or bank transfers.

– Deposits and Withdrawals: step-by-step guide
– Payment methods valid in Wanabet
– Frequently asked questions about operations
– Customer Service

Deposits and Withdrawals: step-by-step guide
To facilitate your learning of these transactions, read below this guide where you will see the steps you must follow to make income and withdrawals on the Wanabet page.

How to make an income?
To start betting on the operator’s website, you need to make this simple process to deposit your money:
Complete your registration with all your information or start your session if you are a registered player.
Select the Income option.
Choose the amount and method of payment you decide for this transaction.
Fill in the details of your bank, requested to complete the process.
Start betting on Wanabet.

Enjoy the welcome bonus you can receive when you complete your first entry into the betting house with the promotional code Wanabet, and bet or play with an extra gift when you start as a player.

How to request a withdrawal?
Get the winnings of your games directly in your bank account by following the steps below:
Go to the upper section to register or login.
Enter the function Remove Balance.
Select the amount to withdraw from the operator’s page.
Choose the means by which you wish to obtain the money to complete the process.
Receive the money in your account.

Payment methods valid in Wanabet
The operator has available a series of means by which you can do the whole process of both withdrawals and income and each of them varies according to their characteristics.

In the following table you can validate the difference between deposit methods:

Payment methods Min / Max deposit Commission Time
Bank Transfer 5€ / 12.000€ 0% 24-48 hours
Wanabet Cash 10€ / 50€ 0% depends on your purchase
PayPal 5€ / 12.000€ 0% available automatically
Visa 5€ / 12.000€ 0% available automatically
MasterCard 5€ / 12.000€ 0% available automatically
PaysafeCard 5€ / 12.000€ 0% available automatically
Teleingreso 10€ / 600€ 0% when certifying the transaction

Similarly, you can know in this table the means to get back the money you’ve won in your bets and games on the website of the bookmaker.

Payment methods Min / Max deposit Commission Time
Bank Transfer 10€ 0% 1-3 working days
PayPal 10€ 0% 24 hours

Frequently asked questions about operations
What is the commission charged by the operator for these transactions?
Wanabet does not make additional charges on any of its banking operations associated with withdrawals or deposits. The money that you enter or withdraw from the page of the betting house will be 100% accredited to your final receiver.

Does the page request identity verification?
The operator performs a verification process when registering as a new player. There, the data entered in the registration form will be validated, observing the regulations regarding the game and the registration terms and conditions that Wanabet has. It is important to contemplate that only one record will be accepted per person, family, IP address, email, accounts, among other data.
To obtain the welcome bonuses, this validation process will be repeated.

What are the limit amounts for monetary transactions?
The minimum limit for the process that covers the income is equivalent to € 5, accepted by all electronic methods that the operator has available; in the case of Wanabet Cash and Teleingreso, deposits must be equal to or greater than € 10, with a maximum amount of € 50 and € 600 for each. Also, online media accept deposits that reach up to € 12,000.

The requirement regarding the amount to withdraw will depend on what is available in your Wanabet ATM, however the minimum that can be extracted from the page will be € 10

How long are the income and withdrawals available?
The biggest benefit of online methods is that deposits are enabled in your user account immediately, as well as the income from the MasterCard account. In the case of Visa, the process takes 24 to 48 hours. For Wanabet Cash the time is dependent on the purchase and the transfers merit a special validation from the operator.
Since Paypal and transfers are the only valid methods for withdrawals, times vary from 24 hours to 3 days respectively.

Is it possible to cancel a withdrawal?
Enter your account and navigate through the options “Enter Balance” or choose “Withdraw Balance” and in any of them you can find a button to “Cancel Withdrawal” that you have pending. In other words, if the operator has not certified the withdrawal, you can cancel it, otherwise, the transaction will already be available in your account.

Are the transactions from another country valid?
For the deposits and withdrawals in the operator’s portal, online payment methods can be used. Read in the payment methods table above all the online methods with which these transactions can be made.
If you want to make an income to bet on the Wanabet website, you must make it in euros, since it is the exchange rate valid for the players of the betting house.

Customer Service
Contact this operator from any of its means of communication: Telephone Service 900777677, personalized email to the email [email protected] or the internal chat located on the page that will be active from 9:00 and until 23:00 from Monday to Sunday to answer all your questions.

If you are making any transaction on the operator’s page and have questions, check them through the customer service center in the media described above and clarify the process of withdrawals or deposits with Wanabet.