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Goldenpark mobile application: bets and casino

In this article you will read all the functionalities of the Goldenpark mobile application (available for Apple and Andoid), the evaluation and assessment on each of them, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs when investing your money in any bookmaker.

System requirements / Compatibility: 4.5 of 5
Bonuses and Promotions: 4 of 5
Functions: 4.5 of 5
Opinions: 4.5 of 5

– How to download the Goldenpark mobile application?
– How to get the Goldenpark bonuses and promotions?
– Actions available in this mobile application
– Frequent questions
– Opinions about the Goldenpark mobile app

How to download the Goldenpark mobile application?
To download the Goldenpark mobile application just follow these simple steps and you will get it for free on any of your devices with Android or Apple operating system.
If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, download the Goldenpark mobile application as follows:
Access from your device to the App Store
Place the name of the operator in the search engine
The download begins
When finished, click on the app icon and start playing

If your phone or tablet has the Andoid operating system, install the application through these steps:
From your device, enter the operator’s website
Select the mobile option and enter your phone number
Receive a free SMS with the download link
At the end of the download, run the file for the installation of the Goldenpark mobile application
Access the app icon, start session and start to bet

System requirements of the mobile application
The latest version 2.0 of the Goldenpark mobile app is available exclusively for players with iOS and Android operating systems. For download, it is necessary that the Android is updated with the latest version, as well as Apple devices, have iOS 8.0 or higher.
Although this bookmaker has a cookie policy, in which they use your browsing data to identify and remember preferences, customizations, statistics, among others, the personal information that has been stored in the Goldenpark mobile application is fully protected with security by the same operator equipment.

How to get the Goldenpark bonuses and promotions?
Betting bonus of 100%
Access the Goldenpark website through our button that takes you to the registration form. Once there, complete all your data with the promotional code “GOLDMAX” and complete the process to make your first deposit and thus receive a welcome bonus of 100% of the amount entered up to a maximum of € 100.
With this promotion, you can access your sports bets with an additional one and thus start using the operator’s mobile application to play.

100% casino bonus
Sign up by accessing the form that you will find on the website by clicking on the button below. After finishing that process with the promotional code “GOLDMAX”, make your first deposit and get the welcome bonus of the casino equivalent to 100% of the deposit up to € 150.
After this, you can receive a second bonus with the same characteristics when making your second deposit, so you can get 100% again up to € 150 to spend on the casino features offered by the Goldenpark mobile application.

Actions available in this mobile application
Goldenpark mobile application allows you to continue with the experience you have from your computer, but anywhere and anytime from your mobile or tablet.
By installing this app, you have sports betting, the casino and the slots at your fingertips in a quite positive experience with simple graphics so you can find everything you are looking for in this operator’s mobile application with ease.

It is also possible to follow your bets live in any of these disciplines: tennis, basketball, horses, cycling, baseball, handball, ice hockey, motors, golf, rugby, volleyball, football, football and others.
In each of these disciplines, you can find when clicking, its categories and the matches where you can bet: results, winning teams, number of points, decisive actions during the match, pre-match actions, and more.
Goldenpark, has announced that it will soon incorporate live roulette as another of the features of this app.

Frequent questions
How to bet on the Goldenpark mobile app?
Start betting on the Goldenpark mobile application by clicking on the sports category you want, and then choose the game you want to bet on. Once the match is chosen, it begins to allocate amounts in the principal actions that are presented: result, winner, number of points. As you allocate amounts, you can monitor how much you’ve bet and how much you can earn if you hit these results.

How to make a deposit?
Login to your account, log in with your username and password and then access the deposit page. Complete the transaction by choosing the deposit method and the amount to be deposited.

How to make a withdrawal?
Access your account by logging in with your data, enter withdrawals and select the method to complete the transaction with the amount you request to extract from the page.

How to contact customer service?
Use one of these two methods to contact Goldenpark for any eventuality with the mobile application:
Direct attention from the website in “Start Chat”
Telephone service by dialing 800 300 085

Opinions about the Goldenpark mobile app
As you have read before, this Goldenpark mobile application is a quite similar option to the website that allows you to access your games and games in one place directly on your mobile phone or tablet.
Here you have what we liked and what not of this operator:
The navigation within the application is super simple and in general, the whole experience is positive
Goldenpark has welcome bonuses that you can use in sports betting and in the casino
The sports offer is wide and the live betting tracking allows you to review your income
Goldenpark mobile app is not available for Windows Phone users
Roulette functionality has not been developed

The Goldenpark mobile app offers a super positive experience when you start surfing, with its robust sports offered you can choose the game and manage your bets on Apple and Android devices. Although Roulette has not yet been developed, as we can see on its website, welcome bonuses are available in sports and casino.