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Betting on who will die: black humor in betting

When it comes to betting, everything is possible. Proof of this is the existence of a somewhat unusual modality that, depending on the crystal one looks at, can be fun or totally macabre.
Maybe you have ever thought or discussed among your friends about that character of today who, perhaps because of age, illness or vices, is about to take the last train, however, would you dare to bet on the next celebrity who is going to die?

– Betting on who will die: advantages and disadvantages
– The disadvantages
– Where to bet on who is going to die?
– What is the legal situation of this type of bets?
– Conclusion

Betting on who will die: advantages and disadvantages
The advantages
No doubt think about betting on who is going to die is a subject that requires some reflection. On the one hand, the advantages present a great attraction.
First of all, forget the fees, in this modality the … intuition is rewarded? You do not need to be a mathematical genius to have a chance to win.
Second, no statistics, the previous performance of the players, possession of the ball or the amount of yellow cards, your new sources of information will be the pink press, spaces of gossip and any other means by which you can obtain data on the life of certain celebrities that might be walking towards death.
The third advantage, although you could say it’s more of a bonus, is the fact that you can have your little revenge on that celebrity you hate. A bit of black humor does not hurt anyone, and if it brings profits, even better.

The disadvantages
Not everything can be rosy with these bets. They sound fun for many, but also present their disadvantages.
The first one is the “bad taste” label that has this kind of games. You could say that it falls into the “politically incorrect”, since it is playing with the lives of people, but if for you or your conscience this does not represent a problem, why not?
Another disadvantage is that you have to wait up to a year to know the outcome of your bet. And recovering the money invested can take time. In addition, sometimes the profits are attributed in rewards instead of in metal.
Finally, it is not considered a betting market as such, so the sites that offer them are not regulated.

The sources of information
If the advantages of betting on who is going to die have convinced you, you will be glad to know that, in addition, there are several sites dedicated to help you in your research. These are web pages that are responsible for monitoring which celebrities are alive, which are dead and which are likely to go to a different level.
These sites are divided into age, profession, birthdays, celebrities with more than 85 years and other categories. So you can make a weighted decision. Some of them are The Death List and Ranker.
Many also take into account the predictions of users, however, in the absence of a magic formula, these may not be met.

Where to bet on who is going to die?
Once you have decided to try these types of bets, you will find several sites dedicated to gathering the list of celebrities that could be next to move to the next dimension.
One of them, the simplest one, is Stiffs. To play, you must pay $ 15 to make a list of the celebrities who will die in order of probability, in addition to the list of possible funeral attendees. From a points system, 10 winners whose prizes vary in value are selected. Due to legal problems, money prizes have changed, such as televisions, travel and computers, among others.

We also have Rotten Dead Pool, whose rules are a little more complex. Ten people are also selected who could die in the next year. Each death is worth one point, and if there is a tie, points will be assigned according to age or surprise element. A new game starts every month, so you can always join “the fun”.

A third site is Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool, where 20 celebrities must be chosen between January 15 and November 1. If one of the celebrities on your list dies, you will accumulate the amount of points earned by subtraction 100 – age of the celebrity + bonus available.

Finally, if the world of celebrities does not catch your attention, but you’re a fan of series like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you’ll be happy to know that you can also make your predictions about the characters that will die during the season. In each case you must give your list prior to the premiere on sites like WhoDiesNext, but also, when the time comes, you can place your bets with some operators that open special markets for these series.

What is the legal situation of this type of bets?
In most countries where gambling is regulated, especially in Europe and the United States, betting on who is going to die is in legal limbo as it doesn’t enter into current legislation.
This is what happens in Spain and the United Kingdom. These sites do not have regulation and, therefore, are not considered as gaming sites.
In the United States, on the other hand, these pages are illegal and their servers are constantly changing.

Betting on who is going to die is a somewhat macabre, but entertaining. Undoubtedly, they are perfect to have fun for a while or to have a good conversation topic up their sleeve, but it must be remembered that they are not traditional betting operators and that the possibility of obtaining profits with this type of moves is very limited. If your goal is to earn money, there are other games with better odds.
This opinion is also based on the fact that, since they are not regulated by any organization or authority, there is no guarantee for the players.